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2007-10-05 06:57

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Anne Etchegoyen’s San Francisco leg of her California Dreamin’ tour began yesterday morning at the ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the Lycee Francais Laperouse and the grand opening of the Lycee’s new Ortega campus, located in San Francisco’s sunset district.  After a brief introduction by the Lycee’s headmaster, Frédérick Arzelier, Anne sang a stirring rendition of the Marseillaise, the national anthem of France.  After a string of speeches by local dignitaries and representatives of the French government, Anne wrapped up the ceremony by singing her hit single “Ici ou la-bas”, and was accompanied by her guitarist Philippe Barennes.  The kids in attendance got into the act as they waived their arms in the air to the rhythm of this song.  After the ceremony, Anne was greeted by new fans asking for CDs and her autograph! 

Anne’s special appearance at the Lycee’s 40th anniversary was fitting as the Lycee was founded in 1967 by mainly Basque and Béarnaise families. 

Later in the afternoon, Anne gave a concert for the children at Notre Dame des Victoires School, located in San Francisco’s China Town district. 

Anne’s next concert will be a special performance Friday night, at the Notre Dame des Victoires church, which is open to the public. 

Author: Philippe Acheritogaray