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2007-07-25 21:58

Saturday, July 21st, 2007 – Baiona, Lapurdi & Donibane Garazi, Baxenabarre.

Today my cousin Argitxu Acheritogaray and I visited the “Batekmila – Euskal Munduak”(The Worlds of the Basques) exposition in  Baiona, Lapurdi.   This multimedia exposition explores Basque culture throughout the world, and was created by the Basque Cultural Institute based in Uztaritze, Lapurdi.  The exposition has four main sections.  The first is a video, whose content varies as you walk or move in front of the large screen.  The next section has six stations with small screens and headphones and displays a certain domain of Basque culture, such as Basque Dance, Bertsolaritza (improvised poetry), Basque Poetry (Kirmen Uribes’s Kukuak poem).  All content is in Basque and most has English subtitles.  The next section is a series of 7 cubes, each fitted with a touch screen, and each cube having several videos of varying length illustrating the theme of that cube.

This exhibit will be in Baiona thru September 9th and will be moving to Bilbo after that.  For more details, please check

Later in the day we visited Donibane Garazi to meet up with Henry Ocafrain, who moved to the Basque Country with his parents three years ago. 

Pictured: The Batekmila exposition in Baiona.

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Nice Pictures!

Sent by Louie P. (Pete) Nalda at 2007-08-24 02:23
Damned I wanna go over there again one day.