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2015-01-30 22:32
December 3

International Basque Day (ENE) was established in 1949 by the Society for Basque Studies. Now in the 21st century this Society continues to adapt to the changes and challenges posed by society enthusiastically cultivating the Basque language in all facets of their activity. The ENE logo, designed by the Basque artist Nestor Basterretxea in 2005, is the symbol of identity of this annual anniversary day.

Young bertsolaris

In this 2007 edition, it is the wish of Eusko Ikaskuntza to take a step forward, to get closer to Basque youths. We want to make a bid for Basque to become the treasure and the language of young people and for this reason five young bertsolaris will be the bearers of the ENE baton. Their verses will also be the symbol of this edition of the ENE, to be held on 3 December.

See the video of the chants and read the lyrics and biographies of the bertsolaris

On the other hand, and in response to the question aroused by the article published in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, ENE presents the opportunity to send the text below to this publication. Read the text and, if you agree, we will add your consent to the many thousands.

"I use Basque to laugh, get angry, compromise, and reach agreements in work. To talk to my friends and family. To find things out and learn. To dream and day-dream. To play, make me happy, love, chastise and quarrel with my children. To flirt, make love and have a good time. And for everything you can do in any language."

Eusko Ikaskuntza will send all replies to the Wall Street Journal

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2007-11-14 21:25
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2007-11-14 21:25
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2007-11-14 21:25
Here you can view the original Manifesto issued on the first Euskara day (1949) and the news articles pertaining to the celebration that appeared in the press during that time period.
2007-11-14 21:25
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2007-11-14 21:25
From here, you can listen to commentaries about Euskara carried out by people from Euskal Herria and the diaspora