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The period which covers from 9000 to 4000 BC.
A retreat in the glaciers towards the north was produced along with a warming of the climate which produced a re-adaptation of the flora and fauna of the territory, leading to a progressive advance of the tree mass. At the end of this period there were climatic conditions similar to the current ones. This climatic change gave rise to a very important diversification in the sources of food resources.

At the beginning of this period there was still a predominance of settlements in coastal territories and areas of moderate altitude, and fundamentally in caves. Little by little a preference emerged for inland territories and open spaces away from the caves, a tendency which would become irreversible until the end of the Prehistory. As a result of this, the introduction of the economy of production was produced which much greater intensity in the inland areas, which were much more densely populated.

In this period we also notice a decrease in the importance of the bone industry and the artistic displays, as well as an increase in the use of materials which do not last or are undetectable nowadays, such as wood, used in the organisation of fishing instruments, for example.